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11 November 2008 @ 02:25 pm
Screaming Infidelities: An Introduction  

*horrbile manip made by me

So, I write roleplay-based fiction. Have been for the past year and a half or so. I've been posting on xanga which, so far, has been a fairly mediocre outlet for writing. I say mediocre with love, because xanga is my home. It's where I started, and I will always love it to pieces.

The only major problems with xanga is that I don't get a wide range of feedback, which is the one thing I've really been looking for. Livejournal users love fiction (myself included!) and feedback; giving it, getting it, etc. In the past, I got great feedback about how cute my characters were from the other person who roleplayed as one of the characters alongside me. I always took it to heart, but I'd like a bit more of a diversified opinion. Also, I'm forced to deal with an annoying unwritten rule of posting each new chapter to a new xanga, which is just a pain in the ass (Especially with xanga's new set up. Seriously, what the hell is up with that?)

Now, allow me to stop beating around the bush and get to my point. Ladies and gents of the livejournal world, I'd like to introduce Ryan McCoy and Alyson Lawrence, the angst-ridden characters of my fic, "Screaming Infidelities."

( Excuse any spelling or grammatical errors. They will be fixed before I continue with this story. Also, any discrepancies regarding ages will also be fixed before I continue writing. )


"Tell me what I want to know."

"Tell me what you want me to say."

She sighed, taking in a long breath as Ryan's eyes pierced through her. The words crumbled in her throat as she let out the comforting breath. Looking down at her lap, voice breaking, she asked the question she had avoided for months: "Do you still love me?"

Ryan hung his head, holding his face in his hands. "I. . . I . . . " He looked up at the girl in front of him. Her sad eyes were hidden behind a curtain of hair. It was a lose-lose situation; lying or telling the truth, either way, a heart would end up broken. He sighed again, thinking over what his answer would be.


Within a week of meeting Ryan McCoy, Alyson Lawrence knew she was in love.

There was an immediate and strange attraction between the two that no one at Richmonde Valley High School could explain. But the love between the outgoing Texan songstress and the brainy Bostonian was never questioned. At Richmonde Valley High, no one ever questioned relationships. The couples at the school were like sensible penguins: mating for life and never looking back.

After Ryan's third day of school after transferring to Richmonde, the relatively quiet Bostonian was pushed onto a date with Diana Everly, the sidekick to the most popular girl at school. A relationship between the two blossomed, though never, truly got into a full bloom. The two never made time for each other, making it even harder for a real connection to take place. Ryan tried, as he did with everything, but the two were far from destined to be together.

The fateful crossing of Ryan and Alyson's paths took place three weeks after Ryan and Diana had made it 'official' in a sense. Aly, as she was called, along with her sister Amanda and cousin Matthew, arrived in sunny California with their bright Texas charm.

Ryan stayed with Diana for a few days after meeting Aly, but by the time Ryan realized he was falling out of whatever he had with Diana and into whatever was happening with Aly, the 'relationship' was over. Diana hated being dumped for Alyson, but like everyone else, she couldn't bring herself to question the strange attraction.

The two brought out the best in each other. Before Ryan, Aly wrote songs. Simple songs that lacked any real depth. She found her muse in Ryan, and reached a whole new level in her songwriting. Ryan also tapped into his own musicality after meeting Aly. Ryan had an affinity for music before meeting Aly, but something in her awakened his dormant talent. Maybe he had managed to find his own muse in her; Maybe it was her angelic voice. Either way, the duo found themselves dabbling in music together. In fact, their first kiss with each other was on their first musical expedition together, where Aly and her sister Amanda played their first 'gig' with their closest friends acting as back-up vocals and Ryan on drums.

Their first kiss was a mixture of everything: atmosphere, spontaneity, timing, and simple perfection. The night was the beginning of a new era, and the two walked confidently into it together. The era was a fulfilling eight months of pure, untainted love together.

With every day that passed, their love for one another grew. Neither of the two had reached eighteen years old, but everyone understood that they were far past puppy love. Alyson and Amanda's musical popularity grew, eventually giving the the tools to take strides forward and deeper into the music industry. Ryan made strides academically, acing AP tests and other advanced classes without so much as breaking a sweat.

And everyone knew what their respective sucesses could be attested to.

The end of their junior year and summer passed quickly in those eight months, and as the two entered their junior year, the inevitable end of their newest era came as well.

Before the start of their senior year, Ryan's younger sister, Lila, was kicked out of her Oregon-based boarding school: the sixth school to get rid of her. In an act of desperation, the tyrannical and abusive Lucas McCoy and his Daisy Buchanan-esque wife, Charlotte, decided to send their only daughter to live in California with their responsible son.

Reluctantly, the siblings settled into cohabitation, as Lucas and Charlotte had planned. What the couple hadn't planned on was the two becoming as close as they did: Like the brother and sister pair that any nuclear family wanted, sharing everything, including a three year age difference.

A week before the beginning of the school year at Richmonde, Ryan was offered a scholarship to a prestigious San Fransisco prep school, Bay View Preparatory. Once again, Ryan was forced into a decision of taking the scholarship.

He left silently, without the exchange of a painful good-bye with anyone.

This fic takes place a few years after the high school days of high school sweethearts Ryan and Aly. Ryan is in a band with other college drop-outs like himself, and Aly and her sister have become a relatively famous singing duo.


Naturally, with this being an angsty piece (Angst, in my opinion, is the driving force behind any fic), both are in new relationships and completely new lives. However, both have managed to keep in contact with their high school friends. Also naturally, their paths cross on a fateful night and send their worlds into a tailspin.

And no, I did not take this idea from One Tree Hill.

The pre-story premise/summary probably isn't very appealing, but I'm hoping to make these characters and stroylines as appealing and relatable as possible.
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